How do I know if a website has SSL?

SSL certificate is very important for the website because it increases the security of the website and saves it from hackers. You can easily check if a website is using SSL certificate or not. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox shows a lock on websites which have a SSL certificate. Nowadays Google Chrome shows a security warning if a user tries to access a website which is not using SSL certificate. However, users can access the website at their own access.

Websites which have an SSL certificate has a lock in the address bar. The information about the SSL certificate can be viewed by clicking on the lock. When someone clicks on the lock browser shows “Connection is secure” which means the website is secured and has a valid SSL certificate.




You can also check the SSL certificate of a website by typing in your browser address bar. Scroll Down and go to SSL Certificate Tools. Type your desired website name in the search box. It will show you the website SSL certificate issuer and the expiry date of the SSL certificate. This method is easier to use as compared to the first one because it shows more detail about the SSL certificate.


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