How do I View Certificates in Firefox?

Firefox has an amazing feature that shows you all the certificates currently used by Firefox. A certificates enhances user experience with an additional security layer. Users don’t have to worry about their data being hacked anymore because the most common use of SSL certificate is to act as a symbol of identification. Many websites require users to download the certificate before communicating with the website or accessing certain pages/parts of the website. Firefox saves all downloaded certificates and users can check them anytime in their browser. It is beneficial because users don’t have to download the certificate every time and you can directly access the website.

To view all downloaded certificates in Firefox:

1. In your Firefox browser click on vertical bars on the top right side of screen.
2. Click on Options


  1. 3. From the left pane click on Security and Privacy.
    4. Scroll Down to security and certificate section. Click on View certificates to check all the downloaded certificates.

5. Authorities and Servers tab shows the complete information about the servers of certificates and the issuer of certificates.

6. To import a new certificate click on Import and add your own certificate in Firefox.

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