How to change default browser in Windows 10


By default, Microsoft Explorer is the default web browser in Windows. It has been a default web browser for years regardless of the version of windows you are using. However, users don’t like Microsoft Explorer because of its low-quality user interface and slowness. It is why users prefer other fast browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Setting your default browser to the one you like helps a lot while clicking links in emails and other web files. The method of changing web browsers in Windows 10 is different from previous versions of Windows where only a single click was required to change web browsers.

To Change your Default Browser in Windows 10:

  • Click on Start Menu Button and select settings.
  • Now Go to System Settings. It is where you will find all the system settings.

  • From the left pane click on Default Apps. Click on Web Browser and select your desired web browser.
Win 10 Change default Web browser

• All done, your default browser is changes.

You can always change your default apps like browser, email, video player and etc.

Note: These settings are the same for all versions of Windows 10. However, this method doesn’t apply on previous versions of Windows.

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