How to force close a program on windows 10 with task manager


Sometimes programs like games and other stuck and no longer works and when the user closes the program, nothing happens. It is where Task Manager comes to help which allows users to force close a program immediately. Task Manager has been there in windows for years where users can track CPU & Ram usage, opened programs and those running in the backgrounds. In fact, it contains information for the processes running in Windows.

To force close a program on Windows 10:

  • Go to Start Menu and type “Task Manager”.
  • You can also open task manager from the Run box and typing “tskmgr”.


run task manager from Win10 run


  • A new application will open, if it is’ in compact mode, click on view more details for a detailed view.
  • Find the programs in the list of programs you would like to force close. Right-click on the program and you will see a small menu. Click on End Task to force close the program.


Task manager view Apps and end Task


  • In most cases, all other instances of the program are automatically, in some cases users have to end those tasks manually.

Note: Use this method only when programs are stuck and not quitting through the regular method.

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