How to view saved password in Firefox


There are millions of websites on the internet and often it becomes difficult for users to remember their passwords. Firefox solves this problem by allowing users to save their passwords in Firefox. Therefore, user’s no longer have to worry about their used passwords on websites because Firefox saves all passwords. Users can easily view their usernames and passwords.

To view your saved passwords:

• From the main menu in Firefox, select options. Menu is located on the top right side of your browser window.

Firefox Options


  • From the left pane, click on Privacy & Security.
Firefox General Privacy and Security


  • Scroll Down to Logins and Passwords. Click on Saved Logins to view your saved usernames and passwords. By default passwords are hidden and you can view them by clicking on eye shape icon.
Firefox saved click button saved passwords…


In the newer version of Firefox, you will see that button Saved Passwords has changed to Saved Logins…


Saved Logins Firefox


  • You can also search for passwords keyword directly in the search box in the options which makes it easier for users to view their saved passwords.

By default, Firefox has no security when it comes to viewing your saved passwords. Anyone, other than you can open the browser and view your passwords. However, users can set a strong master password to make sure nobody other than you can view your passwords.

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